Why is My Room So Dusty? (And How To Deal With It)

If you wonder, “Why is my room so dusty?”, don’t be sad, since we know the root of this problem and ways to get rid of it.

You only spend time at home during the mornings and nights?

You try keeping everything in its place, yet dust, mess, and unnecessary things tend to somehow appear in your house?

It is a common issue faced by busy people who try to be tidy but their rooms get dusty as if by magic. I decided to help you deal with this trouble and share some useful tips on how to deal with the dusty room. Let’s get it started!

Why is My Room So Dusty

Why Is My Bedroom Always So Dusty?

Each weekend, you try to spend the morning cleaning your dusty bedroom, but just like an unwanted guest, dirt comes without an invitation. Besides, a messy room may provoke health issues, such as allergies or asthma. In this chapter, I have collected all enemies of cleaning – you can tackle the problem by fighting them.

1. Hair and Skin

This is the main cause of dirtiness. You may not notice skin cells and hair on your floor and in your bed, but it is the natural result of skin peeling and hair combing. It doesn’t always depend on your personal hygiene. It is impossible and unnecessary to stop this process, but you should be cautious of hair and skin flakes in your bed.

2. Pet Dander and Hair

The problem of a dusty room may be caused not just by people, but by their pets, too. Unfortunately, they don’t have any “cleaning habits” at all, so dust from their fur, paws and nebs leaves marks on your clean furniture and floor.

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3. Carpets, Pillows, Fabric

These three things serve as a home for dust mites. They are little bugs, which live in your bedding, different types of textiles, or even on your pets.

They aren’t very dangerous to us, but their frass contains allergens that infiltrate the air and may cause allergies.

4. Outside Substances

Every time you come home, you’re accompanied by little particles of dust, grass, mud, sand, etc. All this garbage from the outside sticks to your clothes, shoes, and skin, and then spreads throughout your house.

The main rule to avoid these unpleasant things is to make it your routine to take off your clothes and shoes before entering the room. It can’t save your own space from dust, but at least it will reduce the risk of a total mess.

In addition, such substances may enter your room through opened windows or doors. It is especially true for residents of the ground and first floors or people living near roads and in industrial zones.

5. Humidity and Air Conditioning System

Fungus and mold, which appear on the walls and ceiling are the results of humidity. This problem may also be caused by microcracks in the wall and poor functioning of the air extraction system.

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A broken air conditioning system in your room may lead to the accumulation of dust and fug. Its filter traps dust and doesn’t let it get into the system. For this reason, it is important to keep this filter clean and replace it when necessary to improve the system functioning.

How to Get Rid of Dusty Bedroom?

I have just mentioned the primary foes of clean bedrooms and their dangerous impacts. It is time to find out how to reduce the risk of living with so much dust in your room and which devices will help you with this mission.

Do Wet Cleaning

Moist mopping is the simplest way to forget the phrase “my bedroom is always so dusty”. Water is the best means against dirt. In addition to the floor, dust accumulates on a TV set, computer, and other electronic devices. That’s why you need to keep them clean.

But wet cleaning has to become a useful habit that is done regularly, especially if you have pets.

Use a Microfiber Cloth

Instead of using a regular cloth or a regular duster, you should use a microfiber cloth. These microfibers hold onto dust fibers instead of just relocating them and moving them around.

You may use water or an all-purpose cleaner and create a damp microfiber cloth, or you can use a dry one.

Use an Air Purifier

It is an irreplaceable thing in your apartment because this device will help you forget about the main question of our article – why is my bedroom so dusty? This device will circulate the air in your room through various filters and capture dust particles, preventing them from flying and accumulating on surfaces.

Pay attention to the quality of the air purifier for dust, especially to its filter. It has to be a True HEPA filter that can hunt fug down to 0.3 microns in size.

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Throw Away Unnecessary Things

Find some time to declutter your bedroom. Review your books, magazines, old newspapers, and other paper stuff, which you don’t use. Perhaps, some pieces of clothes are long due to going to a laundry room or trash can.

If there are many things that are not in their places, it is time to put them back. Such small items as socks on the floor or a slip of paper under the table may accumulate dust and create a mess.

Check Your Windows

When your windows are open, outdoor dust particles may enter your home. Especially when you live in a busy area, where big roads, construction zones, or heavy industry zones are near.

Also, when it is windy outside, the wind may blow dust into your home.

If your window sills have gaps or when your windows are not sealed properly, dust particles, small insects, leaves, pollen, and hair may slip into your home.

Therefore, it’s best to check your windows regularly and repair gaps and small holes.

Change Your Bedding

Develop a new habit and change your bedding once a week. It will help you avoid clusters of skin cells, hairs, and other dirt. In addition, it will be useful to dust off pillows and blankets. It must be done outside only.

Comb Your Hair in the Bathroom

All hair procedures must be carried out in the bathroom. This rule also refers to pet combing.

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Keep Your Doors and Windows Shut

Dust from the outside comes into your room through open doors and windows. It does not seem very dangerous, but it causes grave problems with your cardiovascular system. Therefore, it is important to close doors and windows, when you live in polluted areas.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does opening windows reduce dust?

No, opening windows will not help to minimize dust in your home. If you opened a window in your house, air and pollens enter your home. In addition to dust, chemicals, and debris enter your residence. Yes, it is well acknowledged that fresh air is essential to our everyday lives in order to improve our health. Fresh air, on the other hand, increases the quantity of dust in your home, which may contribute to allergy concerns in your family.

Even if your windows have screens, opening them to minimize dust is not a good idea for anyone. The airflow causes dust to enter your home when you open the windows.

2. Is the dust under your bed dead skin?

No, the dust under your bed is not dead skin. However, a really small fraction of dust contains dead skin. When we open a window in our homes, microscopic airborne particles normally settle in our homes by entering through the windows.

In our daily lives, we lose dead skin. During shaving or bathing, however, these dead skins are transported away by the water channel. These dead skins are typically deposited in our sewerage and not as dust under the bed to the maximum extent. Most dust under the bed consists of pet dander, sand, and insect waste. Pet dander occurs if you have pets in your home.

3. Do curtains prevent dust?

Curtains, especially textile curtains, attract a lot of dust. Curtains operate as a magnet, attracting dust and preventing it from entering the dwelling. The truth is that curtains act as an air filter in our living rooms and other areas of our homes.

Curtains, of course, assist to keep dust out of the house. As a result, it is important to clean your room curtains on a regular basis to prevent dust from entering your room. You may also maintain a healthy lifestyle by cleaning the curtains once a week. To eliminate shrinking difficulties, you may machine wash the curtain.

4. How much dust is normal?

Dust in our homes is an inescapable problem. Cleaning dust does not entirely remove dust from our home and therefore it is a recurring problem. When do you need to be concerned? How much dust is considered normal?

Each year, an average American home collects about 40 pounds of dust. This is normal and not something to worry about. But, if this dust contains particles of 2.5-10 micrometers, you may experience breathing difficulties.

When the dust particles are even smaller than 2.5 micrometers, you should be aware that those particles can enter your lungs and cause significant respiratory or allergy problems.


There are some answers to the eternal question, “Why does my room get so dusty?”. In this article, I have collected all the common enemies of clean bedrooms. Now, you know some steps to be taken to get rid of dust, fug, and dirt, and prevent their accumulation. The main assistant in this difficult process is the air purifier, which can help you forget about air-borne dust in your bedroom.

By following all the tips I mentioned, you will stop howling and screaming “so much dust in my room!” Instead, you will adopt new healthy and useful cleaning habits, which will help you improve both the general atmosphere in your house and your health.

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