The Cheapest Way to Heat 400 Square Feet

Winter is one of the best times to try out new sweaters, use a room heater, and stay warm, cozy, and comfortable. But keeping yourself warm can be expensive. 

So when it comes to heating a small 400-square feet space, you wouldn’t want to overshoot your budget. 

In this article, we will talk about some efficient ways to keep warm without spending a ton of money.

400 sq feet room

Cheapest Way to Heat 400 Square Feet

1. Use Space Heaters

Using a space heater is one of the most efficient ways to heat a room. If you want to heat your room without breaking your bank, an infrared heater will definitely do the job.

For a space of 400 sq. ft, you will need a heater which uses about 4,000 Watts of electricity. This converts down to approx 1200 BTUs.

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2. Using Thermal Curtains

Using thermal curtains is one of the most efficient ways that help keep the room warm and cozy. Even if your windows have double glazing, a lot of heat gets lost. Fixing curtains helps reduce heat loss. 

However, thermal curtains are much better and cost the same as standard curtains. You will find a variety of styles and designs of thermal curtains in the market. When the sun is shining outside, you can open the windows and let some heat inside. 

3. Using Gas Furnaces

Gas heaters are one of the cheapest ways to heat a 400 square feet space. If your room does not have a power outlet, it is best to use a gas heater. Gas heaters are great to use for small spaces or single rooms and can warm up the room quickly. 

4. Keep Your Home Well-Insulated

Having a well-insulated loft helps reduce many heating costs in the long run. Like windows, a lot of heat gets lost from your attic if it is not appropriately insulated. When your home is well-insulated, it keeps the cold air outside during winters and the space warm. 

5. Thermostat

You can purchase a thermostat to control your home’s temperature. It is the most efficient way to heat a space. When you go out somewhere, a programmable thermostat reduces the temperature inside the house and heats up the space again when you come. It keeps the space warm when required. You can easily change or adjust the thermostat’s temperature as needed. Using a thermostat helps save your utility cost in the long run.

6. Electric Heaters

If you want to heat a small space quickly, you can use an electric heater. There are different types of electric heaters available in the market, such as radiant heaters, oil-filled heaters, convective heaters, and infrared heaters. 

You can choose the type of heater as per your need. Infrared heaters heat the room much faster and are more efficient than other electric heaters, and they use less electricity to heat a space than space heaters. 

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7. Install a Large Carpet or Area Rugs on Your Floor

Floors with tiles or marble tend to get cold during winters. You can place a carpet on the floor if you want to keep your feet warm. Having a rug or a carpet will help reduce the amount of air that gets cold on the bare floor and keep your room warm and cozy.

8. Solar Panels

Installing solar panels is one of the most efficient ways to keep the house warm, saving a lot of money related to taxes. Though you need to spend some money on installing solar panels, it will definitely reduce a huge sum of money in the long run.

What To Look For When Choosing The Heater For 400 Square Feet Space

You must look at a few factors before choosing a heater for a 400 square feet space.


It is essential to look for a room heater that is appropriate for the room size. If the heater is quite large, it will use more energy and add to your utility bill. 

You can look at a heating chart to know the number of watts required to heat a room. For a 400 square feet room, you need a 4000 W heater. 10W per sq. ft is the usual rule of thumb for heaters.

Check Your Room Insulation

A well-insulated room needs less heating power. Usually, 10w of heating power is required for one square foot room space. At the same time, a well-insulated room will do well with 7.5 watts of heating power.


It is essential to look at the safety features before buying a heater for a room. Safety features like thermostat temperature control, tip-over protection button, and overheating protection feature will reduce the risk of overheating and accidental fires.


There are different types of heaters available nowadays with advanced features and models. It can vary from $25 to $2000. It is essential to buy the heater as per the room space and requirement. You can analyze the average cost of the heater before buying one for your room. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is It Cheaper To Use a Space Heater Than Electric Heater?

A space heater saves much energy compared to the electric or central heating system. However, if you use a space heater in every room and turn them on simultaneously, it may cost you more than the central heating system. 

But if you want to heat just one room, it is better to use a space heater. 

Which Electric Heater Uses the Least Electricity?

Infrared heaters are one of the most efficient and cheapest ways to heat a room. They use low wattage for heating, making them cheaper than other heating options.

Wrapping Up

We hope we have been able to give you some great ideas to keep yourself warm this winter without spending a lot of money. Do let us know which one you used for your room!

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