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Ionic Air Purifier vs HEPA Air Purifier – Which to Choose?

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Ionic Air Purifiers vs HEPA Air PurifiersIf you are looking for a high-quality air purifier, you probably have already faced the problem of choosing the type of this product. In most cases, there are two main types of air purifiers – HEPA and Ionizer (Ionic air purifier). However, what is the difference between these two alternatives and how to choose the best one?

So, we decided to compare these gadgets – Ionic air purifier vs HEPA purifier, discover their main advantages and disadvantages in order to help you make your final decision.

Why is It So Important to Choose An Air Purifier Carefully?

There are a lot of people who don’t pay attention to the quality and pureness of air in their house.

In most cases, they are sure that there is no need to buy purifiers because they don’t have any types of dust allergies. Some people don’t want to spend their money on an air cleaner because they live in small towns and the quality of air in their city is quite normal.

However, it’s not true. The adverse effects of dust on the body can cause diseases. For example, it may cause pneumonia, allergies, chronic respiratory diseases, eye, and skin diseases, that’s why doctors from all over the world recommend other people to buy air purifiers in order to minimize the danger.

What is The Main Difference Between HEPA Air Purifier and Ionizer?

Well, the difference is quite simple: both of them clean the air in your room but filters of these cleaners work in different ways. If we are talking about ionic air purifier (Ionizer), its filter works by electrically charging air molecules. As a result, it can eliminate tiny particles of dust and dangerous airborne infections. These electrically charged ions also make particles in the air too heavy, that’s why they just fall down on the floor. It’s a very good idea to use this type of air purifiers in the gym, for example.

What about a HEPA air purifier? The cleaning mechanism of this purifier is significantly easier for understanding because it’s a traditional physical filter. In fact, the HEPA air purifier sucks air with the help of a fan into this gadget through the dense filter and “catches” small parts of dust (contaminants). These purifiers are usually considered to be extremely efficient and simple for understanding, that’s why people prefer to buy them.

What About The Area, Which These Air Cleaners Can Cover?

It is also really important to remember about the area, which these gadgets can cover.

The fact is that HEPA purifiers, which use physical filters, are not as powerful as Ionizers. In most cases, the maximum area that HEPA cleaners can cover is about 700 sq. As you probably understand, it’s an ideal alternative for customers who are looking for an effective home cleaner. It will make the air in your house pure without any problems at all.

However, if you are looking for purifiers, which can clean a very big house or enormous premises for business, look for Ionic Air Purifiers because they can cover more than 3500 square meters.

The price of HEPA and Ionizer Cleaner

You should keep in mind the price difference between these two types of air purifiers

Even despite the fact that Ionizers’ technology looks significantly more difficult than its competitor, HEPA is a more effective and more advanced technology, that’s why they are more expensive.

In most cases, it’s not a problem to find a good Ionizer, whose price is about $50, while reliable HEPA air cleaners usually cost more than $150.

Moreover, it’s also important to know that HEPA purifiers demand more money to maintain this gadget. As we have already mentioned, they use physical filters, that’s why you should buy new filters from time to time (once a year) in order to get the best results.

How to Choose the Best One?

There are no universal answers to these questions because everything depends on your own need.

If you are not ready to spend a lot of money on this product, you should refer to Ionizers. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more effective alternative, which can guarantee the safety of your house, buy HEPA air purifiers.

In addition, your final choice may also vary according to the possible “dangers”, which you want to eliminate. For example, buy HEPA air purifiers to protect your house from:

  • Pet odors (cats, dogs and so on)
  • Odors from the kitchen
  • Dust
  • Smoke
  • Other unpleasant odors

On the other hand, if you want to get the cleaner, which can eliminate airborne germs, buy Ionizers.

Pay Attention! Distinguish Ozone Generators and Ionic Air Purifiers

Some customers also do not pay attention to the product, which they buy – ozone generators or Ionizers. What is the difference? Ozone generators are not as effective as its competitor and they are also harmful to people.
For example, The United States Environmental Protection Agency declares that ozone concentration, which does not exceed health standards, is not effective enough in order to protect people from viruses, bacteria and other types of pollution. Moreover, they also admit that some gadgets can produce significantly more ozone than it’s permitted even despite the fact that customers follow all instructions of manufactures.

So, if you want to keep your house safe and protect your family, employees or yourself, you should not buy ozone generators. You should also read the description of products on the box in order to make sure that the shop didn’t sell you ozone generators instead of Ionizers by a mistake.

As for HEPA purifiers, they are safer than other alternatives but it doesn’t mean that you should not worry about the quality of this gadget.

Shop carefully and choose only reputable and popular manufacturers, which have already proven their reliability. In addition, do not forget to read reviews in order to choose the best air purifier.

Ionic Air Purifier vs HEPA Air Purifier – Which to Choose?
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