Why Is My AC Unit Fan Not Spinning? Best Solution

Air-conditioners have become necessary for people living in warmer regions of the world. Living without the cool AC air on a hot day is a big struggle. 

There are many reasons why air conditioners stop working, such as a non-functioning component, like an AC unit fan. So, if you notice that the fan of your AC isn’t working, I have listed down the major reasons for you, along with their best solutions. 

air conditioner fan
Air Conditioner Fan

Signs Your AC Fan Is About To Break

If there is a problem with your AC, you need to be on top of it before a major problem occurs. Watch out for the signs below that indicate that your AC fan isn’t working or is about to go kaput.

Rattling or Buzzing Noise

If your AC is making weird noises, it can be due to many reasons, but if the sound is similar to a rattle or buzz, the fan motor blades are most likely the ones on the verge of malfunctioning. 

The rattling or buzzing noise usually comes out of the condenser unit and if you hear it, it is best to switch your AC off immediately.

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Fan Spinning Slower Than Usual

If you notice that the fan is spinning unusually slow or not moving at all, chances are that it needs a fix. The first thing to do is check the AC fan settings and see if the fan is slow because of it. If the settings are all right, you are probably in a jam. 

Why Is My AC Unit Fan Not Working, And How To Fix It?

Typically, the problem lies in either the fan or the motor that runs the AC fan. However, we have also listed down some other common causes why your AC fan may not be working, such as frozen evaporator coils, clogged air filters, or issues with circuit breakers. Please go through all the common causes mentioned below.

Broken Fan Blades or Motor 

If your AC is old, there is a chance that the blades can be damaged or broken. You can check for the same without opening up the unit since the fan is visible from the outer side of the AC. 

If the fan has suffered minor damage, you can get it repaired. However, if the damage is extensive, you will need to hire professional help to complete the job or else replace it completely.

In the same way, the AC may also have a broken or damaged motor. The AC motor has two functions: it runs the fan blades and transfers the air to the coils, which convert and release the cold air into the room. 

In case of a broken or burnt-out motor, you must hire a technician to inspect it, but in most cases, you will have to replace it. 

Malfunction in the Compressor Contactor Switch

The basic function of a compressor contactor is to direct the flow of electricity to the condenser unit, which runs the fan. In other words, the fan runs on the voltage sent by the contractor switch. The contractor is part of the condenser itself. 

If there is a fault or malfunction in the compressor contactor, it is natural that electricity won’t be directed toward the fan. The fan will either spin slowly or stop rotating altogether. In most cases, the contractor switch needs to be replaced to get the fans to work AC again. 

Dirty Air Filter 

A blocked or clogged air filter will cause ice to build up in the AC unit, which may cause the fan to stop working. The best solution to this block is to replace the air filter or remove the clog by thoroughly cleaning it with a vacuum. 

Capacitor Not Working

An air conditions fan has several capacitors, whose function is to send the energy that is needed by the fan motor and the compressor to run. For example, the start capacitor powers up the motors when the unit is turned on, whereas the run capacitor helps it to run smoothly. 

This electrical part can fail over time. The solution is to replace the damaged capacitor.

Frozen Evaporator Coil 

The primary function of the evaporator coil is to release the hot and humid air outside and exchange it with cold air. However, when your evaporator coil is faulty, it can leak the coolant and cause a layer of ice to form. 

If the coil freezes, it will stop functioning normally, and your entire AC unit will stop working as well, which includes the fans. You can switch off the AC for a while to let the heat pass, but if the problem continues, let a technician take care of the problem. 

Issues in Circuit Breakers

One of the biggest reasons for a fan to stop functioning is problems with circuit breakers. Unstable voltage in the electricity supply may cause circuit breakers to go off and stop your AC fan or the entire AC unit itself. 

The circuit breaker problems can be solved by simply switching off the AC and replacing the small wiring inside the circuit breaker. After this, the AC will start functioning normally again. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to know if your AC unit fan is spinning or not?

In most cases, you should be able to feel the AC fan not spinning if you start next to the unit. However, another way to check is if the AC starts to send hot or regular air instead of cool air. Note that the AC will continue to work even if the fan fails to spin, so you shouldn’t expect the unit to stop completely. 

Why is my AC making a weird noise?

If the noise you are hearing is a rattling buzz coming from the fan motor, it may be because the AC fan needs to be fixed. 

It could also be that the fan blades are broken or damaged. In the latter case, you can visually check the blades and either replace them or change the entire unit. 

Why is my AC fan not working?

If your AC fan is not working or spinning, it may be because of damaged fan blades, a broken motor, a clogged air filter, a damaged capacitor, or burnt-out circuit breakers. One must look into the problem and get it fixed to get your AC working again. 

Can the AC run if the fan is not spinning?

Yes, you can run the AC even if the fan is not working. However, you will not receive cool air from the AC. Hence, it is important to make sure that you fix the AC fan. 

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Wrap Up

The good thing is that AC fans give out several warnings before they completely stop functioning. However, it’s not always clear what the exact problem is. We hope we have been able to explain to you the various issues and you can figure out the issue after reading this article.

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